Condo F.A.Q. - Uptown & Downtown Charlotte Apartments and Condos for Rent

Condo F.A.Q.

In a normal buy and sell transaction, the listing agent and buyer’s agent split the commission 50/50. In a rental transaction, the listing agent often offers keeps 90% and only offers 10% to the cooperating broker. How is this fair? I do not know! This is why MANY experienced agents do not work rentals and potential tenants get upset when brokers do not return their phone calls or e mails.

Q: Why do you charge $500 dollars to see properties?
A: Because the commission splits offered by the listing agent are extremely low and often only $100 dollars.

Q: Why is your service worth $500 dollars?
A: There are only a few brokers who work Uptown that know the difference in every building and can offer sound advice. I personally have been in EVERY residential condo building in Uptown and have been working Uptown since 2007.

Q: What if I want to see one property?
A: Sorry, the $500 fee still applies.

Q: What if I know the property I want to rent and don’t want to use your services?
A: That is completely fine, contact the listing agent and schedule a showing that way.
Good luck!